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Welcome lovely, I'm Kayla!

Welcome to the Journey Within


Hello, I'm Kayla Burch. My path as a Transformational Coach has been as unique and ever-unfolding as the individuals I have the privilege of guiding. Rooted in the profound principles of non-duality, my coaching approach is a blend of compassionate presence, deep listening, and intuitive insight, all designed to bring you back to your truest self.

From Seeking to Finding

My own journey through life's tapestry has been marked by the search for meaning beyond the superficial layers of success and societal expectations. It was a journey inward that revealed a simple, yet profound truth: that within each of us lies a boundless source of peace and wisdom, waiting to be acknowledged and lived.

This realization was not the end but the beginning of a new chapter, one where I committed myself to aiding others in the discovery of this truth for themselves. With years of study, practice, and self-inquiry, I've melded the wisdom of ancient traditions with the practicalities of modern living, offering a sanctuary for those who seek to break free from the dualistic narratives of limitation and conflict.


"Transformation is not about becoming someone new, but about revealing the vibrance of who you've always been beneath the layers of life's expectations." — Kayla Burch


I hold certifications in various modalities of coaching and mindfulness practice, but the greatest learning has come from the lived experience—the countless hours spent in sessions with individuals from all walks of life, each story enriching my understanding of the human condition.

At the heart of my philosophy lies the principle of non-duality: the understanding that life's seeming contradictions and challenges do not have to be obstacles, but can instead be doorways to greater self-realization. This perspective shapes every aspect of my coaching, ensuring a space where judgement is replaced with acceptance, and struggle can give way to flow.

In our work together, I honor where you are and the pace at which you're comfortable moving. Whether through one-on-one sessions or in the shared energy of group coaching, I am here to facilitate a journey of awareness, empowerment, and true transformation.

My commitment to your growth goes beyond the confines of a session. It's about building a relationship—a partnership—in which you feel continually supported and inspired to live out your deepest truth. I invite you to join me on this transformative path, to uncover and celebrate your innate wholeness and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

I’ll never forget when one of my clients referred to me as a “hug and a shove”. If I could sum up my coaching with one phrase, it’d be that. 

I welcome your questions, musings, or even hesitations about starting this journey. Reach out, and let's begin a conversation that could open the door to your most fulfilling chapter yet.





"Life whispers to us in our moments of struggle, offering us the keys to unlock the chains of our own making. Listen closely, for your breakthrough is in the silence." "

-Kayla Burch

Come and Learn


Unveiling Wholeness: The Non-Dual Path to Personal Liberation and Lasting Peace

by Kayla Burch


In a world brimming with duality - success and failure, joy and sorrow, attachment and aversion - Kayla Burch invites you on a journey to discover the undivided truth of who you are. This keynote delves into the heart of non-dual philosophy, revealing how it can be the key to unlocking a state of personal liberation and enduring peace.

Kayla will guide you through the transformative process of seeing beyond life's contrasting experiences to a place where those opposites dissolve into a harmonious whole. By integrating non-dual wisdom into daily life, you'll learn to transcend limiting beliefs, encounter your intrinsic worth, and cultivate a life of clarity and serenity.

Join us for an enlightening exploration that promises not just insights but a lived experience of wholeness that can begin to inform your every moment.


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Beyond Illusions: Awakening the Peace Within


In "Beyond Illusions: Awakening the Peace Within," Kayla  guides you through a soulful exploration into the essence of non-duality. This isn't just a book; it's a daily retreat for your spirit, offering a path to inner peace that transcends traditional self-help methodologies.

Crafted with 180 insightful reflections and transformative practices, "Beyond Illusions" invites you to dismantle the dualities of life and discover a harmonious state of being. Each day unfolds new wisdom, drawing you closer to the tranquil core of your existence—where peace is not a visitor but a lifelong inhabitant.

Key Features:

  • 180 days of transformative reflections and exercises
  • A non-dogmatic approach to spirituality and self-awareness
  • Techniques to integrate non-duality into everyday life
  • Access to an online community and information on retreats for continued growth
  • Unlock the secrets of a peaceful mind with daily guided meditations and reflections.

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