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Sacred Shifts

Embracing Healing and Self-Realization Retreat

An intimate escape of profound transformation nestled in the serene landscapes of Wewoka, Oklahoma. 'Sacred Shifts: Embracing Healing and Self-Realization' is a four-day, three-night retreat, where you get the chance to dissolve old wounds, shed self-sabotaging beliefs, and inner exploration that paves the way to deep internal growth

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April 11-14th

 St. Crispin's Conference Center

Wewoka, Oklahoma

Are you ready to transcend your limiting beliefs, embrace profound healing, and unleash your fullest potential?

Welcome to 'Sacred Shifts' by Release Retreats.

In the secluded, serene landscape of Oklahoma, a transformation awaits you. This April, experience the powerful convergence of inner healing and self-realization  in a breathtaking, intimate retreat setting. 

Set amidst nature's untouched beauty, this intimate, four-day immersion is specifically designed for individuals, both men and women, ready to step into their power, release the past, and embrace a future filled with limitless potential.

From the moment you arrive on April 11th, you'll be enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquility and renewal. Our secluded location offers the perfect backdrop for deep, impactful introspection and growth, allowing you to focus wholly on your transformative journey.

At 'Sacred Shifts,' you'll engage in profound practices such as breathwork, meditation, intuitive  movement, and intuitive art, all curated to facilitate healing and promote self-discovery. Guided by expert practitioners, you will learn to release long-held, self-defeating beliefs and patterns, replacing them with new, empowering narratives that serve your growth.

Each day, we dive deeper into healing, gradually peeling back layers of self-doubt and limiting beliefs to reveal your true self. By day, connect with your inner self and experience the liberating release of old wounds. By night, find comfort in the calming sounds of nature as you rest, knowing each sunrise brings you closer to a renewed you.

This retreat isn't just a vacation

It is a launchpad for a new chapter in your life.

A chapter where you navigate life with grace, strength, and a deep-rooted sense of self-worth.

This intimate retreat is limited in capacity to ensure a personalized experience. Reserve your spot today, and join us on April 11th. Your path to healing, self-realization, and a renewed life starts at 'Sacred Shifts.'

Make this transformative journey your reality. This is more than a retreat‚ÄĒit's a revelation, a revitalization, a revolution of self. Are you ready to embrace the change?

Your healing and transformation await at 'Sacred Shifts' by Release Retreats.

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April 11-14th, 2024 

In the Tranquil Surroundings of

St. Crispin's Conference Center

Wewoka, Oklahoma


This spring, we invite you to immerse yourself in an intimate four-day, three-night retreat, specifically curated for you to embrace healing, personal growth, and self-realization.

'Sacred Shifts' at Release Retreats will take place from April 11-14th, 2024, providing you the perfect escape into the heart of nature's untouched beauty. Our secluded location allows you to focus solely on your transformative journey, free from the distractions of everyday life.

This exclusive experience includes:

Three nights' accommodation

Nestle into comfort in our secluded retreat setting, your home away from home where relaxation meets transformation.

All-inclusive meals

Enjoy thoughtfully prepared meals that nourish your body, providing you with the energy to fully engage in our healing practices

Daily Healing Sessions

Participate in transformative practices such as breathwork, meditation, intuitive movement, and intuitive art, designed to guide you to heal old wounds and release self-sabotaging beliefs.

Interactive Coaching

Gain transformative insights from Kayla, an experienced coach and intuitive guide, whose unique perspective will empower you to overcome limiting beliefs and embark on a path to profound self-realization.

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Accommodation Options & Pricing:

We have options

Choose the perfect accommodation option for your needs and budget. Our retreat offers a range of room types, each providing a comfortable space to rest and rejuvenate during your transformative journey
Choose Your Comfort

Flexible Accommodation Options to Suit Your Needs and Budget


  1. Single Bed in Shared Room: $697

    Enjoy the camaraderie of sharing a room with a fellow retreat participant. This option provides you with a single bed in a shared space, perfect for those open to connecting with new people.

  2. Private Room for One Person: $797

    If you're seeking solitude or simply prefer a space all to yourself, this option is ideal. You'll have a private room equipped with a single bed to ensure your comfort and privacy.

  3. Private Room, Single Bed for Two People: $997

    Ideal for friends, partners, or family members traveling together. This option offers a private room with a single bed, spacious enough for two people to share. It's a cost-effective choice if you're looking to experience the retreat with someone close to you.

Remember, we aim to make this life-changing retreat accessible to everyone, so flexible payment plans are available for all accommodation options. Make the choice that suits you best and join us for this transformative journey.

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Meet your Release Retreat Host


Kayla Burch

Coach, Speaker, Retreat Host

Meet Kayla, a vessel of transformative experiences who seamlessly bridges the realm of individual existence with the boundless universe.

In her role as an intuitive guide, Kayla transcends the dualities of conscious and subconscious. She mirrors the interconnectedness of all beings, helping individuals recognize and release the illusory boundaries that constrain them. Her expertise doesn't just spotlight self-sabotaging patterns, but it dissolves the perceived barriers between the self and the universe, leading to authentic self-awareness.

With an understanding that goes beyond the confines of ego, she offers a sacred space for seekers to merge with their vast inner cosmos, facilitating healing that recognizes no separation between the inner and outer worlds. Through her guidance, many have discovered the unified truth of existence, where personal empowerment aligns with universal harmony.

In the dance of life, where the line between the individual and the cosmos blurs, Kayla stands as a luminous guide, leading souls to the realization of their boundless essence.




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We require an application only to ensure this is the right container for you and to create the proper payment plan if necessary. 

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We require an application only to ensure this is the right container for you and to create the proper payment plan if necessary. 

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