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Aligned Entrepreneur Mentorship! 


No more business burnout. No more crappy mindset. No more going at it alone. 

Your no-BS monthly group coaching mentorship that'll shift your mindset from lack to abundance and build the biggest network of female entrepreneurs to get (and keep) your biz on the road to success. 


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Aligned Entrepreneur isn't your average program...

This isn't some scammy mentorship promising you'll go from being a bottom-of-the-barrel-owner to an overnight 7-figure-success. 

That's icky, misleading and doesn't get down to the core of the WHY your business isn't thriving (or how you can keep it thriving).

Other mentorship programs charge you a sh*t ton of money, throw a giant binder of practical, basic information at you, and wish you luck.

Aligned Entrepreneur does the exact opposite. 

You'll gain insight to completely level up your business AND the confidence to actually apply it -- because you'll go nowhere fast if you have all the practical info at your fingertips, and no courage to implement it. 

We're here, holding your hand, every step of the way. 


So, tell me more about this monthly mentorship! What is it all about?!? 


The #1 most important part of a thriving entrepreneur is:


Mindset. Mindset. Mindset.  

Your deep-rooted insecurities determine your mindset, which then filters into your biz. Aligned Entrepreneur Mentorship digs deep to identify (and remove!) your… 

🧠Barriers & blockages keeping you stuck

Stop letting your Ego convince you that you're a total imposter. Release outdated stories that no longer serve you. 

🧠 Mindset & how you speak to yourself

Say goodbye to snarky mental chatter, telling yourself you’re not “ready” or capable of building your dream business.

🧠 Default patterns keeping you stagnant 

Stop going backwards, and repeating things over again, hoping for different results.

I promise we’ll identify the internal blocks and limiting beliefs that have kept you from scaling. 

Next, you’ll receive tangible steps to shift your mindset from lack to luster. You’ll tap into your CEO energy and show up daily as the bad*ss female entrepreneur you already are.

This is your chance to remove blocks, and limiting beliefs from your vocabulary once and for all. 


*BONUS* You’ll have access to this amazing online community to…


Network, network, network!

Yes, it needed to be repeated 3X because it’s *crucial* in building a flourishing business. 

Networking invites you to…

🎉 Expand & think outside *your* box

Put yourself out there, be open to receive juicy wisdom from like-minded women at various stages of business.

🎉 Collaborate with other bad*ss female entrepreneurs

Pool together ideas, inspiration, and goals. Overcome challenges together. Discover new insights to propel you & your biz forward.

🎉 Develop long-lasting relationships 

Your tribe’s here to support, and uplift you. They’ll be your cheerleaders every step of the way. Hell, maybe you’ll even find your ideal clients and get referrals!

Here’s your golden opportunity to join a community offering effective mindset shifts, honest feedback, support, and consistent motivation to keep moving the needle forward in your business.

And let’s be honest, this is exactly what you need. 

Plus, where else are you collaborating with entrepreneurial go-getters who’ve been-there-done-that?

I guarantee my tips, tricks, and advice are never vague or generalized. So, let's dive deeper into the nitty-gritty bits of this mentorship. 

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Each month you'll receive juicy, jam- packed value in the form of....

Everything You’ll Get Monthly:

  • Hot Seat Coaching → 1 hr. of weekly group coaching. Your opportunity to ask any biz questions, receive genuine feedback, and even the chance to role-play. 

  •  ✨ Collaborative Mastermind Calls → 2X a month you’ll meet 1:1 with another member of the community. It’s your intimate opportunity to ask market research questions, get feedback on your latest projects, advice on new biz ventures, or even edits on your copy! 

    Weekly Accountability Sheets → Set up for a successful week ahead. Each Friday you’ll celebrate your biggest wins, and prepare questions for our LIVE hot seat coaching calls. 

  •  (Guaranteed all your questions will get answered in the recordings, even if you can’t show up in real-time!)

    (We don’t want this to sound like some vague, well-intentioned, coaching BS, so let’s dive deeper.)

With Aligned Entrepreneur, you will master the art of 

→ learning copywriting techniques that convert, convert, convert 

→ storytelling techniques that connect w/ your ideal clients

→ implementing totally non-cringy selling techniques

→ building your indestructible core confidence

→ allowing yourself to shine on social media

→ creating your crystal clear b strategy

→ attracting your “super fan” clients 

→ and much, much more!


Hey you, let me introduce myself!

My name is Kayla Burch👋

My names Kayla Burch. 👋🏼

I’m a Transformational Business coach who’s helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs, like you, break free from cycles of distraction, low expectations, and flashy trends to be able to run a thriving business that’s unique to YOU

Contrary to what you (and the world) tell yourself, you do possess unique talents and inner power to make your dreams come true. Not just in business— but in every facet of life.

Look, I totally get it. I’m a mom and an entrepreneur. There were countless times in my life when I’d spun my wheels without making any real progress. I felt frustrated, stuck, and doubtful... 

Once I focused my attention inward, things rapidly started to change. My business hit the ground runnin’, my ideal clients fell into my lap and things just started flowing, easily. 

I promise to help you cut through the noise, and focus on what matters so you can lead a thriving, passion-driven business and make the income of your wildest dreams. 

Ready to unleash your inner CEO? 

I can’t wait to take you on this journey! 


Your Coach, 

Kayla Burch

With this treasure trove of new found knowledge,

You’ll be able to disregard the crafty little voice inside your head whispering…


✖️“There’s already so many businesses like mine. I won’t be able to sell since someone’s already doing it…”

✖️UGH, I’m too inexperienced to make it in this industry. Everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing.”

✖️“I don’t think I’m capable make lots of money from doing what I love. It can’t be that simple.”

✖️“Money’s really tight right now, and I’m super nervous to invest in myself. I should wait till I’m making more money to start.” 

✖️“I’ve tried changing my mindset, but it’s never worked before. I don’t know if I’m capable of rewiring my internal stories. Seems like a lost cause.”

✖️“I feel stuck, overwhelmed, and alone. I don’t want to do this by myself…”

✖️OMG, I’m lost. What step do I take next to scale my business?”

✖️“I can’t spend lots of money for long-term coaching right now.”

First of all, these are all sneaky little lies. (Thanks a lot Ego…)

Secondly, once you’ve removed toxic, limiting beliefs — clarity flows, money flows, ideal clients flow, creativity flows, and confidence flows!

Your crappy mindset blocks don’t have to run the show. With Aligned Entrepreneur Mentorship, they can— and will— be a thing of the past. 

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So, who is this program a perfect fit for? ✅

Female entrepreneurs who’ve established their biz, and know who their ideal clients are but can’t seem to scale.  

You know what you want, and you're determined to put in the work to elevate your dream biz. But, you second-guess yourself along the way, you don’t have a community to lean on for help, and you allow your outdated stories to run the show. 

This mentorship’s perfect for you


So, who’s this program, not a perfect fit for? ❎

Ladies who haven’t started a business, or just opened a business and don’t know who their ideal customer would be and haven’t solidified their niche. 

**I highly recommend checkin’ out my Ignite program for this stage of your journey. You’ll love it.

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One Payment


12 Month Pay In Full + Save BIG


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